Italy-Serbia Forum

Italy-Serbia Forum

On May 24th, Generali Convention Center Trieste hosted the Italy-Serbia Entrepreneurial Forum, organized by the Italian Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation, together with the ICE Agency.

The event is the result of the commitment undertaken by the Ministry itself during the National conference “Italy and the Western Balkans: growth and integration”, held in Trieste in January 2023. The Forum focused on the topic of “Green Transition: new opportunities for bilateral cooperation”. The biggest opportunities represented by the Serbian market, in fact, are nowadays connected to the green and energetic transition. Another important topic faced during the event was that of the contents and perspectives of the Plan “Serbia 2027: Step to the Future” and of the upcoming Specialized Expo of Belgrade 2027, dedicated to sports and music.

The day consisted in a plenary session with the intervention of representatives of both countries – for Italy, the Vicepresident and Ministry of International Affairs Antonio Tajani – and of the institutions supporting the internationalization of both economic systems. After that, three tables were held, dedicated respectively to: Circular economy for sustainable industry and agricolture; innovation technology, green and energy transition; and infrastructures: sustainability and innovation.

After those sessions, the members of the two entrepreneurial delegations had the chance to take part into B2B meetings.



  • Date : 24 May 2024

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