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10,000m2 by the sea, the largest conference center in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The new international green hub for science, innovation, research, and culture.


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Generali Convention Center

The largest multipurpose congress center in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

10,000m2 in the Porto Vecchio (Old Port) of Trieste, the crossroad of Middle Europe: the new Italian hub for congress, events and international exhibitions. The energy requalification of the structures and the photovoltaic panels on the facades provide an immediate green footprint to organizers looking for sustainable conference venues.

2 pavilions, 5,000 square meters of conference areas including the Generali Auditorium with 1,920 seats and 5 smaller rooms, in addition to 5,000 square meters of exhibition space, for a total of 10,000 square meters.

Generali Convention Center
Ultra-fiber connection for the city of science and innovation
Designated as the European City of Science 2020, Trieste holds a prestigious international role due to its over 30 research and higher education centers, 7 industrial districts, and 4 innovation accelerators in the region. The Generali Convention Center is among the very few Italian conference centers connected and enabled with the GARR network, the ultra-fiber that links knowledge centers across Italy, Europe, and the world.
Generali Convention Center
The green response to the demand for sustainable conference venues.
Generali Convention Center is born from the reclamation of abandoned post-industrial buildings in Porto Vecchio (Old Port). The energy requalification of the structures and the photovoltaic panels on the facades provide an immediate green imprint for organizers in search of sustainable conference venues. Generali Convention Center looks to the future of major events, offering high-profile phygital solutions.
Nordic roots, Italian heart.
Trieste is a Central European city. Human-scale, it thrives by the sea, amidst its historic literary cafés, centers of scientific excellence, and tourists drawn by the reserved kindness of its inhabitants, making it a city of 4 and 5-star hospitality, unique in Italy.
The Old Port of Trieste: internationally significant since the 1800s.
Today, it stands as one of the most interesting industrial redevelopment areas in Europe and a historic gateway to the sea for Central and Eastern Europe. It was so innovative that in 1923, Henry Ford chose it to establish his first factory in Italy. After a long period of neglect, the value and potential of its captivating architecture, often chosen as settings by Sergio Leone, Francis Ford Coppola, and Gabriele Salvatores, were rediscovered. A process of revitalizing the entire area began under the protection of Cultural Heritage authorities. Today, the revival of the area’s energy enables Generali Convention Center to connect with creative and cutting-edge networks, museums, art galleries, and startup accelerators, along with the Museum of Scientific Imagination. This creates a well-equipped hub with significant tourist appeal.

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