The 50th Social Week of Italian Catholics

The 50th Social Week of Italian Catholics

The 50th Social Week of Italian Catholics will be held in Trieste from July 3rd to 7th, 2024, under the theme “At the heart of democracy.” This decision was made by the Permanent Episcopal Council during the winter session held from January 23rd to 25th, emphasizing the need to promote reflection on new forms of participation and the development of common tools to build and foster alliances. During the Council’s proceedings, the Bishops highlighted the significant social, political, and cultural transformations underway, which on one hand, bring about social fragmentation and increasing individualism, and on the other hand, widespread vitality. Faced with the important issues that the country must address – including the promotion and defense of decent work, reducing inequalities, and environmental stewardship – active listening, community involvement, and responsibility are needed. According to the Bishops, the future of Italy, in relation to the global scenario and the resulting challenges, requires individuals who are willing to engage and collaborate to regenerate living spaces, even the most marginal and fatigued, reinforcing the ability to democratically choose and live power as a service to be shared. Therefore, a common commitment involving all Catholics, including those living in Italy but coming from different parts of the world, is essential. Hence, the Bishops approved a change in the denomination: no longer “Settimana Sociale dei Cattolici Italiani,” but “Settimana Sociale dei Cattolici in Italia” (Social Week of Catholics in Italy). The choice of Trieste as the venue for the event was made due to its status as a frontier city, with the presence of multiple cultures, ethnicities, and religious denominations, and for its symbolic places that have marked the country’s tumultuous journey towards freedom, unity, and democracy, as well as towards a better understanding of the right to health and healthcare pathways.

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  • Date : 3 July 2024 - 7 July 2024

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